Three Kings Coconut Charcoal 33mm


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Three Kings Coconut Charcoal 33mm

Three Kings Charcoal is the most well known snappy lighting hookah charcoal around the world. With their mastery in excellent charcoal creation, they have dispatched their endeavors into the common non speedy lighting coconut hookah charcoal market. Gladly presenting Three Kings Coconut Hookah Charcoal, the universes first regular non snappy lighting coconut hookah coal that is produced in Holland and compacted into round 33mm tablets. Allow Three Kings Charcoal Company to dazzle you with their variant of value coconut charcoal, presently in a characteristic and non brisk lighting structure. Each move of Three Kings Coconut Charcoal contains ten individual charcoals and each crate of Three Kings Coconut Charcoal contains ten moves of charcoal. It is suggested that three moves of Charcoals be bought for each 250g Box of Herbal Shisha.

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