Pod Juice Nicotine Salt E-Liquid 30ML


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Fuji Apple Ice55MG0$7.50
Strawberry Apple Nectarine55MG0$7.50
Strawberry Beltz55MG0$7.50
Jewel Mint Lush Ice55MG0$7.50
Bangin’ Blue Razz55MG0$7.50
Cola Ice55MG0$7.50
Pod Energy55MG0$7.50
Banana Ice55MG0$7.50
Blue Razz Ice55MG0$7.50
Aloe Grape55MG0$7.50
Jewel Mango Iced55MG0$7.50
Cotton Carnival55MG0$7.50
Jewel Mint Sapphire55MG0$7.50
Strawberry Kiwi55MG0$7.50
Blue Raspberry55MG0$7.50


Pod Juice Nicotine Salt E-Liquid 30ML



Jewel Tobacco (Limited Edition)
Jewel Tobacco is the result of months of testing and tinkering to produce the richest, smoothest tobacco flavor you will ever try. Whether you’re a former smoker searching for the ultimate earthy, oaky flavor to satisfy your cravings – or a vaper looking for the silkiest Virginia Tobacco notes in your pod system- Jewel Tobacco is what you were looking for all along.

Jewel Mango (Limited Edition)
Jewel Mango is a luscious and smooth mango flavor that will have you begging for more. On inhale you are transported to the tropics taking a bite out of the juiciest and ripest of mangoes, and on exhale a soft and smoother version of the same amazingly exotic experience. The consistent perfection throughout inhale and exhale makes it the absolute mango salt nicotine flavor.

Combination of tangy pineapple, sweet guava, and zesty orange creates a stunning balance of tropical fruity flavors that will make you drool with joy when you vape this nicotine salt.

Savage Patch
This sour-to-sweet candy will fill your taste buds with joy and will fulfill all those sweet tooth cravings.

Blue Raspberry
The mouthwatering candy flavor of sour and sugary blue raspberry can be yours anytime when you vape Blue Raspberry salt nicotine e-juice.

Strawberry Dream
Strawberry Dream from Pod Juice is an intense strawberry flavor that’s ideal for vapers who loves clean fruity tastes. Every hit is like biting into an outstandingly juicy strawberry fresh from the vine.

Juicy Apple
Red Apple, Sweet Candy

Light fruity notes cereal flavor and a light milk to round it all off. This one will bring you back to your childhood.

Melon Breeze
Biting into that sweet juicy melon is even more satisfying with a cool ocean breeze.

Jewel Mint
This menthol flavor nicotine salt tastes like clean, pure mint that’s free of the chemical aftertaste that is common with so many minty flavors.

Mango Twist
The tang of that exotic fruit makes your palate quiver with joy. Then, the sweetness of the mango comes through, exciting the sweet tooth. On the exhale, glorious mango juice floods your mouth.

Strawberry Lemonade
Tartness of fresh lemon flavor wakes up your tongue before a blast of tangy strawberry kicks your palate. The sweetness of the strawberry intensifies before your mouth is drenched in stunning lemonade flavor on the exhale.

Watermelon Blast
A dynamic watermelon smoothie. This flavor includes subtle fruit flavoring tones to create a lasting delicious flavor without compromising on the watermelon theme.

Pink Burst
An exquisite flavor with sweet and tangy strawberry. The blend of fresh strawberries is guaranteed to make your taste buds feel ecstatic all-day long when vaping this salt nic liquid.

Your classic loop cereal soaked in milk. Loops is a recreation of your favorite childhood fruity cereal that fulfills all your sweet tooth cravings.

Jewel Fuji Nektar / Strawberry Apple Nectarine
Jewel Fuji Nektar is the result of a long quest for the ultimate elixir of vaping joy. The delicate balance of the Southern Nectarine style, the sweet power of Northern Fuji-Apple-fu, and after mixing it all with legendary Smooth Salt Nic-chin emerged through the Clouds of Domeness carrying this Jewel of great power.

Jewel Sapphire Mint
The best menthol salt nic juice for the ultimate Jewel Mint lover. Jewel Mint Sapphire has the same frosty cool inhale combined with an intricately crafted boost in flavor and minty sweetness. This fusion is our smoothest and most flavorful mint yet, leading to an unforgettable vaping experience. 

Belts Burst / Strawberry Belts
Belts Burst by Pod Juice is a phenomenal chewy treat that is true to its strawberry flavor. This strawberry ejuice is one of our most exotic concoctions with a formidable, luscious tangy flavor. The exotic strawberry burst will make your face pucker automatically with the added tang in it. This wondrous strawberry chew is a delicious blend of sour to sweet fruit that will overwhelm your taste buds.

Cotton Carnival
Cotton Carnival is a twirled blue raspberry and pink vanilla taste blending into an airy and immaculate flavor. This light fluffy confection will give you a fizz of burst in your mouth. Try the best blue and pink cotton salt nicotine that will take you back to the carnival for that soft cotton cloud perfection! No sticky hands either!

Bangin’ Blue Razz
Bangin’ Blue Razz by Pod Juice is a Blue raspberry chew that releases a sweet and tangy juicy extract with each and every exhale. This flavor of tangy blue raspberry intensifies as it travels along the palate, then a cool fruity sensation on exhale. This blue razz chew has been swirled with sweet and tangy blue raspberries, presenting an irresistible blend for all your salt nicotine desires!

Peach Queen
The queen of all fruit! These delicious peach loops will drive you insane. Peach Queen by Pod Juice will make you salivate upon tasting such a provocative peachy flavor. Peach burst is a ripened succulent fruit combined with a unique tangy soft chew flavor that will leave your taste buds staggering. Try the best peach salt nicotine today!

Mango Hi-Chu
Mango Hi-Chu by Pod Juice is a soft, mango chew that releases the juiciest mango flavor with each and every exhale. The luscious flavor of this tropical chew will fulfill all your fruity cravings. This sweet to sour mango is an all day vape that will surely reinvigorate the mind and soul with its heavenly mango nectar flavor. Try the best mango salt nicotine today!

Watermelon Head
Watermelon Head by Pod Juice is a watermelon chew that releases a sweet, watermelon juicy extract with each and every exhale. This tangy watermelon is a fruity explosion that will make your mouth water. Watermelon burst will flood your mouth with a sweet watermelon that is wrapped around an explosion of flavor . This soft and chewy watermelon salt nic will have you begging for more!

Jewel Mint Diamond
Discover the refreshing flavor of Jewel Mint Diamond by Pod Juice, taking notes of cool mint without the sweetness, delivery a blast of refreshing menthol and mint that will have your taste buds wanting more.

Frozen Strawberry
Smooth strawberry and a chilling ice sounds like the perfect fusion.

Strawberry Banana
A delectable mix of sun-kissed strawberries and sweet bananas, an unforgettable nicotine salt flavor.

Orange Soda
Each inhale grasps your taste buds and quenches your thirst with the juiciest orange carbonation. This citrus soda will tempt your taste buds with its unique flavor combined with a carbonation that you can actually taste!

Berry Watermelon
Discover Berry Watermelon by Pod Juice, an exciting nicotine salt concoction touched with delicious notes of sweet berries and luscious watermelon.

Vanilla Custard Tobacco (VCT)
Vanilla Custard Tobacco salt nicotine speaks for itself. The bursts of vanilla mesh into the smooth custard so perfectly with soft hints of tobacco to make a truly irresistible flavor.

Pod Energy
A delicious flavor of your favorite energy drink to invigorate your senses and taste buds in nicotine salt form. 

Strawberry Kiwi
Incorporating delightful notes of sweet strawberry and tropical kiwis for delicious tangy vape flavor.

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Fuji Apple Ice, Hawaiian, Strawberry Apple Nectarine, Strawberry Beltz, Jewel Mint Lush Ice, Bangin' Blue Razz, Cola Ice, Pod Energy, Banana Ice, Blue Razz Ice, VCT, Aloe Grape, Jewel Mango Iced, Cotton Carnival, Jewel Mint Sapphire, Strawberry Kiwi, Blue Raspberry




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