MYA Cono 274-100 Hookah


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MYA Cono 274-100 Hookah

If you’re looking for sturdy hookah, this one’s for you. The Mya Cono features a stem that’s 100% brass, making it very durable. You can use standard Mya stems with this hookah since the Bohemian glass base screws on. If you need any stem adapters, you can buy them here. The Cono bohemian hookah comes with one hose, but if you like smoking with friends, don’t worry – it can be converted into a multiple hose hookah using hookah hose adapters. May we also suggest trying out one of our most popular items, the Mya Silicon Freeze Hose. Don’t forget to keep your hookah safe with a hookah case.


MYA Cono 274-100 Hookah


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