MYA Clio 124X Hookah


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MYA Clio 124X Hookah

Stainless Steel MYA Hookah Clio 124x

Another addition to our luxurious collection has been released. The MYA Clio features 30” of class and delicacy. As we evolve into a modern era of hookahs by implementing unique technologies, and unique designs we are also implementing the best quality materials to elongate the durability of such unique crafted pieces.

The MYA Clio Hookah features a sleek, simple clear glass base that can be matched with 6 different colored stainless steel stems. The Cleo is part of our MX-Function family, which in this version has been upgraded by removing the pressure releaser, which will enhance your smoking experience.


MYA Clio 124X Hookah


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