EZ Wider Metal Rolling Tray Medium (7.5in x 11.5in)


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Hot Rod0$4.99
Legendary Roll2$4.99
High Octane0$4.99
Chrome Roll2$4.99
Low & Slow0$4.99
Roll with a Classic0$4.99
Custom Roll4$4.99
Classic Roll1$4.99


EZ Wider Metal Rolling Tray Medium (7.5in x 11.5in)

EZ Wider brings two great classics together in this metal tray and rolling paper combo.   Not only do you get 1 each of EZ Wider’s classic brown papers n 1 1/4, 1 1/2, and Double Wide, you also get a great metal tray with images of some great classic cars such as El Camino, Bel Air, Camaro, and a classic blue sedan.

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Hot Rod, Legendary Roll, High Octane, Chrome Roll, Low & Slow, Roll with a Classic, Custom Roll, Classic Roll


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