Dream Hookah Electric Charcoal Burner AD-C650A Red


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Dream Hookah Electric Charcoal Burner AD-C650A Red

This durable electrical electric coal starter ignites hookah charcoal in 3 to 5 minutes. It has a detachable handle that is designed to be used as a pair of charcoal tongs. With this attractive design and combination of red and black color this charcoal burner is made of durable material and is made to last. It has a thermostat control that will switch off the device automatically when the temperature reaches up to 600 – 500 degrees. It is the easiest and most effective way to light your coals,
  • Detachable Handle that can be used as Tongs
  • Single Coil Heating Element
  • Power Indicator Light
  • Non-slip rubber feet prevents product from sliding
  • MUTLI-FUNCTIONAL: Hookah lovers coming over for a BBQ Party? The charcoal burner comes to the rescue. It not only serves the function of a barbeque grill but can also be used as a hookah coal burner. Additionally, it comes with a removable charcoal tray which can be used for tea/coffee warming.
  • HEAT RETENTION: The product is coated with porcelain that is heat and corrosion resistant, making the product durable and thus, economical.
  • SAFE & EASY TO USE: Just plug-in and start using, this is all that the process is. The product can be used to heat coal very close to where you are sitting or smoking, thus reducing the chance of carpet/floor/skin burns.
  • WORK-SAVING: The product not only comes with an On/Off indicator but also a heat control power adjuster that doesn’t take more than 3 minutes for the charcoal to set up.
  • DETACHABLE HANDLE: The separable handle of the coal burner serves a dual purpose and can also be used as a pair of tongs to handle the sizzling hot charcoal with complete ease.

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