Dream Hookah Disposable Hose 60IN


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Dream Hookah Disposable Hose

60 Inches Disposable Hookah Hose, Washable and Easy to Clean, Fits Any Glass or Plastic Hookah Set, Hard Plastic Handle with Excellent Air Flow.

This is a 62 inch long Hookah Hose from NuHose that is 100% completely washable and makes for a great replacement hookah hose or disposable one-time-use hose for hookah lounges. The price is so low that you can encourage your customers to own several so that they can have separate hoses for different shisha flavors, eliminating the need to worry about ghosting.

Made of durable plastic, the Dream Hookah Disposable Hose cheap but quality hookah hose has a colorful handle and will fit on any hookah available. The NuHose comes in a hermetically sealed package, ensuring that your customer will receive a sterile hose that is free of germs, mildew, or any other pathogen that can make a hose less than desirable.
Disposable hoses are always a popular option for lounges and caterers due to the need for quick turn and sanitary turnaround but in these times, disposables are also gaining traction with retailers as home-smokers like to be able to keep things clean and offer everyone their own hose. Amira has created a nice quality 75″ plastic hose that smokes great and looks a little bit nicer than your standard disposable hose typically does. Though these are meant to be disposable, you could definitely run water through them to get more than one use if you so desire.
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The clear tubing is flexible and easy to use and wrap around the hookah stem and it also makes a solid seal around the handle and hose heal.  This means, more smoke and no leaks which will give you fuller, bigger clouds with one of the cheapest hoses on the market. The handles and tips are made of a harder plastic and come in three different colors to help add a bit of flair that others on the market are missing.

This hose from Amira is 100% washable. Hookah smokers like that they can keep the hose clean and their flavors pure without dropping some serious coin on a premium silicone hose. Some hookah lounge owners like them for the exact same reason. For the best fit when it comes to hookah mouth tips, we recommend the inside fitting “Dual Sided” tips.
These hoses can easily get a 3X mark up, with most stores selling them for $9.99, but with prices this low, you can still make a plenty of margin at almost any price.

Everybody knows that keeping things clean and sanitary is important at every lounge or catering option. During these times, this translates to home use too even if you’re sharing a hookah with a close friend or family member. These disposable hoses hit great and allow you to insure that everybody customer gets the cleanest and safest experience possible.

Dream Hookah Disposable Hose are some of the highest quality disposable hoses you’ll find on the market. The tubing is light and flexible and the handle grips nicely. We tried these here in the office and were able to get perfect seals easily. This means, more smoke and no leaks which will give you fuller, bigger clouds with one of the cheapest hoses on the market.

What is a resin finish? Well, a year or so ago plenty some crafty fellows that go by the Instagram handle ResinKings begin created awesome hookah hose handles that married a colorful resin with shiny and shimmer flakes into a brilliant looking finish. The team behind Dream Hoses took notice and what we have now is the classic silicone Dream Hose newly upgraded with unique resin handles. These hoses are crafted out of surgical grade silicone and completely washable, making them perfect for both commercial and at-home use.

Dream Hookah Disposable Hose

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